Basic Income Canada Network

Our Vision

BICN’s vision is that by eliminating poverty, well-being for all Canadians is secured.

If a basic income were to be implemented, then we predict that the well-being of all Canadians would improve, poverty would be drastically reduced, even eliminated, and the social justice problems associated with disparity would be significantly diminished.

Our Focus

We provide information on basic income, promote the idea and educate the public and policy makers about ways to support a basic income.

BICN is composed of individuals who believe that guaranteed income could be a positive alternative to our current collection of income-security programs.

A Basic Income

A basic income is a guaranteed minimum income.

BICN believes that all Canadians should have universal and unconditional access to a regular income that pays for the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and a warm place to live. Regardless of your wages or other earnings, your income would never fall below a minimum level.