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The easiest way to support BICN is to join the BICN mailing list and follow us. Click on our mailing list to consent to receiving the  E-News and regular communication about Basic Income Canada Network.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to also follow-us. The more support we get, the more likely the support for basic income may grow.

Join the Movement - As a Supporter

Join the movement by becoming a supporter. A supporter is a non-voting individual that supports the movement with a monthly donation, and in return receives The BIG E-News, a monthly on-line magazine that includes unique information and articles devoted to income for all Canadians.

Join the Movement - As an Organizational Associate

Join the movement by becoming an organizational associate. An organizational associate is a non-voting society, organization, charity, or business that wishes to support the organization. In return, BICN will place acknowledgement of the organization on its website. In addition, BICN will give the organization access to the BIG E-News (up to 5 email registrants in the organization). These individuals may separately apply for membership status as well. Costs for an organizational associate are:

  • Non-profit / charity (under 1,500,000 in annual revenue) - $250
  • Non-profit / charity (over 1,500,000 in annual revenue) - $500
  • Business (under 50 employees) - $400
  • Business (over 50 employees) - $800

Join the Movement - Become a Sustainer

A sustainer is an individual or a non-profit society/organization, charity, or business that supports the organization in a large way. BICN gives the sustainer prominence on the member page and mention sustainers at public events. For organizational sustainers, BICN will provide a link of their organization on its website and gives it access to the BIG E-News (up to 5 email registrants in the organization). Sustainers may request to remain anonymous. The minimum donation for a sustainer is:

  • $1000/year. Or a monthly donation level of Prosperity ($100/m); or Victory ($200/m minimum);
  • Large Sustainers of $5000 per year or more receive the highest level of recognition from BICN and may request to have their logo placed on the member page.


One way to help BICN is to volunteer your time. We can always use support to generate interest in basic income, support our congresses, and our other events.

Start a local Basic Income group to spread the word about basic income. If you don’t want to start a group, then join a group near you.

We always need help to raise funds. If you want to help us raise funds, then please contact us to help us fund raise in your community.

What Does Membership Entail?

You can also become a member. BICN is a membership organization. The members of BICN elect a board and the board governs the organization, including overseeing its activities. Being a member means that you wish to support BI in Canada, and offer your support to the organization. Support can be by spreading the word about basic income, attending congresses or other events, volunteering, or simply donating. Members may also join in during the Annual General Meeting or during periodic open meetings. All members must commit to the organization’s mandate and code of conduct.

How to Become a Member?

Becoming a member is very easy. Simply 1) complete the form in this link, then email it with your interest to [email protected] and 2) give a small donation with the links below, $20 is minimally suggested. The board of directors will then review your application and approve it provided everything is in order.

How to Pay for Membership?

One-time Donations

Or, monthly donations can be made by subscribing to:

Monthly Donation Options

You can also mail a cheque to:
2018 27th Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T3E 2E7

Donations to BICN are not eligible for a charitable receipt.