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NDP Yukon calls for GAI
CANADA: Yukon government urged to implement a basic income

The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Yukon (one of Canada's three Federal territories), Steve Cardiff, has put forward a notice of motion for the Yukon Government to introduce a Guaranteed Minimum Annual Income Allowance. According to the official report from Yukon's legislative assembly, he urged "the Yukon government to implement a guaranteed minimum annual income allowance for all eligible Yukon citizens as recommended by Conservative Party Senator Hugh Segal, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, the Macdonald Commission, the National Council of Welfare, the Special Senate Committee on Poverty and the federal working paper on social security, which would:

  1. expand human dignity;
  2. end poverty;
  3. save on the costs of hospitals, prisons and police work;
  4. eliminate or significantly reduce the burden on the social assistance system;
  5. be recoverable through the personal income tax systems for those earning over a certain amount; and
  6. simplify administration and reduce administrative costs."

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From: and (Issue 63, November 2010)