Basic Income Canada Network
Toward Income Security for All Canadians

We educate for: The Establishment of a Basic Income,

Preventing and alleviating poverty, reducing income inequality, and

Promoting income security for all.





BICN's vision is that by eliminating poverty, wellbeing for all Canadians is secured.




Basic Income Canada Network / Réseau Canadien Pour Le Revenue Garanti is the Canadian affiliate of the Basic Income Earth Network. Basic Income Canada Network was founded at the 2008 international BIEN Congress to promote dialogue, public education and networking about basic income in Canada. Basic Income Canada Network is composed of individuals and organizations interested in promoting dialogue around basic income. This includes academics, social policy organizations, economists, labour representatives, politicians and interested citizens. Some of our members engage in advocating for a guaranteed income; others wish to promote dialogue but do not engage in advocacy. All of our members believe that guaranteed income could be a positive alternative to our current collection of income security programs.

What is a Basic Income?


A basic income is a minimum income that is able to pay for the necesities of life such as food, clothing, and shelter; which all people recieve without condition, means test or other requirements.