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Gather your friends, family and coworkers, and

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Register an event to occur on or between October 1 and 17, 2014. Between now and your event, register team members who will join you for your event, and encourage others to donate to your team’s overall fundraising effort.

Our Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Gather a team, create an innovate way to raise awareness with others about implementing a system of basic income in Canada, have everyone you know register, then have your event. Have fun doing it. Let’s Go BIG! and break our fundraising goal.

About BIG

A basic income is a guaranteed minimum income.

It is envisioned that all Canadians would have universal and unconditional access to a regular income that pays for the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and a warm place to live. Regardless of your wages or other earnings, your income would never fall below a minimum level. You can learn more about BIG on our campaign website, click here.

The Purpose of Let’s Go BIG!

For the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) to become a reality, greater understanding about it, knowledge about its benefits, and more public’s support for the idea is required. All events for Let’s GO BIG! try to raise this awareness and support, plus raise funds for future public awareness raising.

All funds raised from Let’s Go BIG will be used for raising awareness about basic income in Canada. Reaching our goal may seem small, but it will go a very long way to forwarding basic income in Canada.

Your Let’s Go BIG! Event

Your event, occurring any date from October 1st up until the International Day to Eradicate Poverty on Oct 17th, will be a part of a national effort designed to generate conversations (person to person) about basic income while simultaneously raising funds for future education.

To be an official part of these community events, you must first register your team, or join a team, any time up to October 1st. Gathering a team, paying registration fees or making a donation to BICN, and committing to having at least one conversational event with neighbours, friends, family, and/or others in your neighbourhood all help to advance the idea of basic income in Canada.

You are encouraged to be creative in the design of your event and also ask people to create additional teams in your community. The more events that occur in the community the better. There is no limit on the number of events in each community. New people need to know about basic income. So, events should be focused on telling people about a basic income.

Some examples of events are: a walk, a table at a market, a speech at a local speakers’ corner, posting a video testimonial about basic income, hosting a formal panel on basic income, talking to local community leaders and officials about basic income, etc. The creative ideas are endless.

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