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11th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress Schedule

Thursday May 3, 2022
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street West

Please note that we would like you to try to preregister for each session. Preregistration is simply to give the organizers an idea of the numbers we can roughly expect for each session. Changes in which sessions you attend will be based upon availablity of space at the congress.


7:30 AM – Registration Opens, Room OI G162

8:30 AM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Armine Yalnizyan, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
with a response by Rhys Kesselman, Simon Fraser University

10:00 AM - Refreshments

10:15 AM - Concurrent Presentations (Participants must choose one Concurrent Session)

Concurrent Session 1 - Room OI 5150 
Jim Mulvale and Almaz Zelleke: An Introduction to Basic Income

Concurrent Session 2 - Room OI 5170
Alexa Briggs and Celia Lee, Vibrant Communities Calgary: An Economic Case for a Preventative Poverty Reduction Strategy in Alberta

Concurrent Session 3 - Room OI 5250
Karl Widerquist, SFS-Qatar Georgetown University: The Power to Say No: Freedom, Popertylessness, and Basic Income

Concurrent Session 4 - Room OI 5260
Harvey Stevens, University of Manitoba: The Role of Income Inequality in Accounting for Homicide Rates in Canada

Ailsa M. Watkinson, University of Regina: They Call it “Survival Sex”

11: 45 PM - Break for Lunch

1:15 PM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

John Rook, Chair of the National Council of Welfare and CEO of Potential Place Society: Guardrails and Lifeboats: The role of basic income in solving poverty.

2:15 PM - Break

2:30 PM - Concurrent Presentations (Participants must choose one Concurrent Session)

Concurrent Session 5 - Room OI 5150
Christine Walsh, University of Calgary; Loreen Gilmour, Charla Vall, and Alison Thompson, United Way of Calgary: Untenable Choices: An Examination of Charitable Models of Basic Needs Provisions in Calgary

Dennis Raphael, School of Health Policy and Management: The Political Economy of Supplying Basic Income: Supports and Barriers

Concurrent Session 6 - Room OI 5170
Jeffrery Smith, US Society for Ecological Economics: Tying BI to Poverty is Counterproductive

John Stapleton, Open Policy Ontario: What happened to welfare Recipiency Post 2008-08 Great Recession and how it compares to previous recessions and the Great Depression

Concurrent Session 7 - Room OI 5250
Almaz Zelleke, New School & USBIG Committee: Does a Resource Tax Eliminate the Exploitation Objection to a Basic Income

Angela Cummine, Oxford University: The Ideal of Sovereign Wealth-Funded Basic Income and the Reality of Political Practice: The case study of Alaska

4:00 PM - Break

4:15PM - Concurrent Presentations (Participants must choose one Concurrent Session)

Concurrent Session 9 - Room OI 5150
Aron Spector, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada: The Mosaic of Disability Income Supports in Canada: How it discourages labour force participation and the possibilities for change

Judy Hannah and Anita Hopfauf: Creating Social change in Saskatchewan: Disability Case Study

Andrea Vick and Ernie Lightman, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto: Problematizing Policy: Episodically Disabled Workers and the Significance of a Basic Income

Concurrent Session 10 - Room OI 5170
Sujata Thapa Bhattarai, Women Building Peace in Nepal: Impacts of Basic Income on Women’s Time in the Economic South and Economic North

Josephine Grey, Low Income Families Together: Implications of Basic Income for Women’s Freedom, Motherhood and Care Giving

Angela Miles, OISE/UT: Basic Income, Commodification or Decommodification? Reflections on the Pictou Statement”

Concurrent Session 11 - Room OI 5250
Elaine Power, Queen’s University: Food Banks Are an Obstacle to Fighting Poverty in Canada

Rachel-Loopstra-Masters and Valerie Tarasuk, University of Toronto: Families’ Experience of Food Insecurity: A case for basic income

Lynn McIntyre, Department of Community Health Sciences: University of Calgary: Working is Not Enough: Food Insecurity in Canada’s Labour Force

J.C. Herbert Emery, Department of Economics, University of Calgary: Why a Basic Annual Income is Necessary to Reduce Food Insecurity Prevalence

5:45 - 6:45PM - Reception - Meet Richard Wilkinson prior to his address at the Faculty of Social Work, Room 548

6:45 PM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Richard Wilkinson, University of Nottingham Medical School: Why Equality is Better for Everyone?

8:30 PM - Wrap Up

11th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress

Friday May 4, 2022
Day 2

7:30 AM - Registration Opens

9:00 AM - Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Trish Hennessy, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Challenging Orthodoxy

10:15 AM - Concurrent Presentations (Participants must choose one Concurrent Session)

Concurrent Session 12 - Room OI 5150
Chandra Pasma, Ottawa: A Practical Model of GAI for Canada

Jessica Carriere, Jim Mulvale, Ernie Lightman; University of Toronto/University of Regina: Basic Income in the North: A Critical Review of Alternative Strategies for Relieving the Fiscal Burden in Canada’s Northern Territories

Concurrent Session 13 - Room OI 5170
Michael W. Howard, University of Maine: Basic Income, Resource Taxation, and Inequality: Egalitarian Reservations about Tax Shifting

Stephen Nathanson, Northeastern University: Equality and the Decent Level: How They Differ and Why It Matters

Concurrent Session 14 - Room OI 5250
Freimut Kahrs, Germany: Uncertainty on Job Markets and its Implication on Wage and Unemployment

Olayemi Olabiyi and Lynn McIntyre, Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary: The Political Economy of Food Insecurity in North America

Concurrent Session 15 - Room OI 5260
Alfredo L. de Romaria, University of Ottawa: What Does it Take to Get Basic Income on the Political Agenda

Ayten Davutoglu, Yildiz Technical University Department of Modern Languages, Turkey: Say Yes to the Newest Utopia of Humanity: Basic Income

11:45 AM - Break for Lunch

1:15 PM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Erik Olin Wright, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin: Basic Income as a Cornerstone of a Cooperative Market Economy

2:30 PM – Refreshment Break

2:45 PM- Concurrent Presentations (Participants must choose one Concurrent Session)

Concurrent Session 16 - Room OI 5150

Sean Healy and Brigid Reynolds, Social Justice Ireland: A Fully-Costed Basic Income System for Ireland with Funding Proposals

Concurrent Session 17 - Room OI 5170
Anne Miller, Citizen’s Income Trust, Edinburgh: A Rule-of-Thumb Basic Income Model for the UK, With and Without an Earning/Income Disregard

Cynthia Watt, Kathryn MacPhee, and Patty Williams, Mount Saint Vincent University: Exploring a Living Wage in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Perspectives from Business and Government

Concurrent Session 18 - Room OI 5250
Allan Sheahen: Basic Income Guarantee: Your Right to Economic Security

Jessica Wiederspan and Elizabeth Rhodes, University of Michigan School of Social Work: Why Social Workers Should Consider a Negative Income Tax

Concurrent Session 19 - Room OI 5260
Brian Milani, Green The Fearless Economy: Green Economic Development and the Cultural Abundance

Myron J. Frankman, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, Montreal: From Optimum Currency Area to Planet-Wide Citizen’s Income

4:15 AM – Refreshment Break

4:30 PM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Evelyn Forget, University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine: New Developments from the Mincome Experiment

5:45 PM - Wrap Up

11th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress

Saturday May 5, 2022

Day 3

9:00 AM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Charles Karelis, The George Washington University: The Effect of Poverty on Incentives to Work, Save, and Invest and Some Implications for Public Policy

10:30 AM – Refreshment Break

10:45 AM - Plenary Panel Presentation, 9:00 AM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Income Security Across the Life Cycle: Next Steps in Canada

Laurel Rothman, Campaign 2000 (income security for children)

Katherine Scott (income security programs for working-aged adults)

Monica Townson, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (income security programs for seniors)

12:00 PM – Refreshment Break

12:15 PM – Plenary Key Note Address, 9:00 AM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Dan Meades, Vibrant Communities Calgary: Speaking Truth to Power: Effectively Communicating Tough Messages on Poverty

1:20 PM – Conference Wrap Up, 9:00 AM – Plenary Key Note Address, Room OI G162

Senator Art Eggleton, Former Mayor of Toronto

1:30 PM - Post Conference Meetings (For those interested in joining either Basic Income Newtork a lunch meeting will occur. Details will be annonced at the congress)

Basic Income Canada Network

U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network

3:00 PM - Post Conference Meetings (Private meetings maybe planned in this time slot. Details will be annonced at the congress)