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How good is the Nike Tech Hip Pack

Hip packs are becoming more and more common as an accessory these days. They have long ago transcended their reputation as a travelling accessorry for tourists, and have now become an extremely convenient, practical and comfortable accessory for everyone, men and women included.

For women, wearing a hip pack can take off the burden of always carrying a heavy handbag with them, and everyone can use hip packs to always carry their belongings in one place, with full access at all times.

Tips for choosing the right hip pack for you

When buying a new hip pack for yourself, no matter where you plan to wear it there are several things to keep in mind, if you want to be sure you made the right choice.

When it comes to any accessories, perhaps the most important thing to look at is the material which they are made from, and hip packs are no different. If you are buying a fanny pack to use when you go hiking, jogging or cycling, then you should be looking for products made from nylon. Nylon hip packs are water resistant, meaning that sweating while exercising will not affect your belongings inside the hip pack. If you are simply buying a hip pack to use in your day to day life, then you should just look for any products made from canvas fabric.

Secondly, depending on what activities you have in plan, the size of your hip pack is also important. If you taking a longer trip outdoors, for example hiking or going to a music festival, then you should consider buying a larger fanny pack, to make sure you have space for your essentials, as well as some extra water and snacks. If you simply want a fanny pack to wear every day, then a simple, one-pouch pack should be enough to keep your essential belongings organised in one place.

No matter what you use your hip pack for, having adjustable straps is always a good idea. You can customize your hip pack and turn it into a shoulderbag, and it overall makes the product much more versatile and comfortable.

Is the Nike Tech Hip Pack good?

Nike offers a wide range of high quality hip packs for you, and the Nike Tech Hip Pack is one of them. But is it as good as advertisements say?

The upside of this hip pack is the size: it is a fairly large hip pack, and it is ideal for longer travels, for music festivals and hiking. You can carry your essential belongings and also bring some other gear and snacks with you, as the space allows you to store and carry plenty of things without feeling uncomfortable. Inside, it also has two zippockets, perfect for safe keeping your most essential objects like money, passport and mobile phone.

It is made from a durable, lightweight polyester and it is also waterproof. It features an adjustable strap so you can customize it depending on your size or preferences.

If you want a small hip pack for everyday use, perhaps this is not the best choice for you. However, overall it seems like this hip pack is a versatile product, perfect for longer outings and travelling, with great features which improve its quality.

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